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Food Photography Blog #6

I photographed a new campaign for Tiptree jams & jellies this week.
The challenge was to show the texture, thick consistency and vibrant color.
This was accomplished using a 1″ diameter fiber optic that I had made about twenty years ago.
I drilled a hole to fit the optic through the background and lit it with a strobe head.
Key light was an eccentric 18″ bank light.
These will be used as full-page ads and large posters.


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YUM! looks delicious
thx for sharing!

Comment by Tracy

Beautiful images! I am curious about the fiber optics. Was the fiber optic strand poked through the bottom of the background, which in turn is shining through the jelly? If so, what benefits does this offer over just firing a strobe through the hole? The reason for my asking is that I find the idea of using fiber optics pure genius, and would love to know the why behind the how. Thanks so much for your time!

Comment by Joel Dryer

Thanks, Joel!
A good question. The fiber optic was only 1″ diameter, so it contained the size of the light while emitting full power. Had I used a snoot, or a mask, the light would have spread onto the background (which wasn’t quite opaque).
More importantly though, the clients were very impressed when I hooked up the fiber optic. It made them think I knew what I was doing.

Comment by matthewklein

Well, you definitely know what you are doing – no questions there. Thanks so much for the quick reply and expert insight. I am a big fan. Can’t wait to purchase some fiber optic filament and start experimenting. Take care!

Comment by Joel Dryer

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