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Food Photography Blog #3
March 29, 2010, 3:28 PM
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A Passover break from the usual formalism of this blog:

In the rural New Jersey town in which I grew up, we were in a very small minority of Jewish families.
My family did not observe the Kosher laws, but were keen practitioners of the religious customs.
One day when I was in second grade my mom packed my lunch with
a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich –my favorite.
She used extra thick bacon, a great Jersey tomato, just a little lettuce, and mayo.
Because it was during Passover this sandwich was special; it was on Matzoh.
I clearly remember walking into the house just after the school bus dropped me off.
My mom was already on the phone with the Rabbi,
who had called as soon as he heard the news thanks to a little pain-in-the-ass classmate.
“Yes, …yes… no….NOW JUST A MINUTE!!
You know very well that we do not keep Kosher, but we observe the traditions.
Matthew knows that on Tuesdays he gets a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich.
This being Passover, it was on matzoh.
Anything else would have been hypocritical.
Thank you for calling. Good bye!”
BANG!, she slammed the receiver down so hard I can still hear it.
Then she turned to me, “Hi, Honey did you have a nice day at school?”



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A staple of my college dining hall: matzoh with butter and salt. Add a sliced hard-boiled egg, and both Jewish father and Belgian Catholic mother were satisfied. Ah, the simple things…

Comment by Karen Myers

Matzoh with butter and salt (MBS) were my favs as a child, too.
Being a purist (and lazy), I left the egg off.

Comment by matthewklein

I love this story.

Comment by goitaly

what a crack up!

Comment by Linny Morris

what a great story and great photo! love your work!

Comment by Susan Lee

Just came across this post. VERY FUNNY! Great photography of course but the story is excellent! Thanks for the laugh and God Bless your mother.

Comment by timm

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