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Food Photography Blog #2
March 26, 2010, 7:27 PM
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What is it that makes a photograph appetizing?
I submit that it is texture primarily, followed by color.
Shape is a distant third.
When a chef, or cook, brings food to table the aromas (and physical presence)
create appetite, but the photograph doesn’t share that aspect.
In order to unlock appetite we have to find an analog for aroma;
it seems to be texture.
Color, of course is necessary,
but shape is only necessary for identification.
Another point: There is a law of physiognomy:
The eye is drawn first to the area of greatest contrast.
In constructing the photograph, I always try to make texture the dominant feature,
but in a positive, romantic way.
This means eliminating distracting elements in favor of supporting elements.

Sauteed Medley photographed for BirdsEye Foods


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I’m voting for the fact that it is shiny and glistening.
The eye is attracted to anything shiny. Works for Apple, works for me.
That’s why i just covered my entire body with vegetable oil.
I’m glistening from head to toe.

Comment by Jeremy

As a guy who has been around for a while I’ve known of your work. I recently looked at it again, its even better than before.
When I 1st started down my path I loved Art Beck and Jerry Simpsons work. The light and design. I look at your work, read
your blog and learned a whole lot about texture. Thanks for giving me a better idea of how to make food smile and appetizing.
I hope you’ll keep writing.

Comment by Kris Knutson

Thanks very much for your kind thoughts.
Writing is difficult for me, (I don’t think in words) so it’s nice to know when it connects.
Good luck with your work!

Comment by matthewklein

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